Hi, I’m Niklas Bäversten — a Swedish Freelance Designer & Product Owner based in Stockholm.
I help companies create innovative human-centered products and experiences that accomplish goals and generate business value.
I approach design by establishing empathy for both the people who make it and the people who use the products. My practice combines design thinking, user research, service design, and product design.
UX Research
Conducting comprehensive user interviews, analyzing competitors, performing user testing, and analyzing data.
Product management
Aligning the backlog with customer and stakeholder needs, to maximise team value delivery. 
Product strategy
Developing a strategic roadmap to ensure product design is fully aligned with business objectives.
Service design
Creating a holistic and seamless user experience across all touchpoints.
Product design
Designing contemporary and user-friendly interfaces that enhance the user experience and positively impact brand image.
Design thinking
Boosting innovation with new ideas, products, and services to differentiate businesses from competitors.
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