A purchase is usually a mix of physical and digital touchpoints, with many decisions to be made along the way. How do you make it possible to pay whenever and wherever the customer is? 
We worked closely with employees, partners, and customers to understand both the business and user needs. Together with the business we mapped out processes, pain points, and opportunities and generated ideas. With the users, we gained insights into their side of the customer journey. We also met with the users to do user testing of concepts and user flows. We performed one particular user test in a staged physical store, where we simulated in-store experiences with a prototype of Ecster Pay.
A seamless shopping experience
Ecster Pay is a checkout solution that makes it easy for customers to purchase when and how they want. The checkout blends in and can be integrated into any e-commerce. It is also a tool to digitalize in-store shopping experiences. 
Pay the way you want
It is important that the customer can find the payment method they prefer and that they understand the terms of using it. 
Safe identification
We made it possible to do a strong authentication with BankID. This makes the purchase safe for both parties and at the same time information about the customer can be pre-populated.
Finish purchase later
Sometimes a purchase is not ready to be made when the customer is in the physical store. Therefore we made it possible to bring the cart home. Via a payment link, the customer can make a decision in peace and easily complete the purchase when ready. 

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