Kivra offer a convenient way for individuals and businesses to receive postal mail digitally. However, we recognized that it can be challenging for receivers to communicate back with senders. 
We began by gaining a deep understanding of the senders and their daily routines for sending and processing forms. Through collaboration and iteration with senders, we carefully designed the flow of data between systems and designed how their forms could be represented in Kivra. The service was designed as a scalable template for any type of form, such as quick questions, NPS surveys, and long forms with a tree structure. To ensure consistency and efficiency, we utilized reusable components from the Kivra Design system in the visual design of the service.
Receive, respond, done
Filling out a form should be a straightforward and effortless process. To make this a reality, we are designed forms that allow senders to easily and securely gather information from their customers. These forms can be used for a variety of purposes, such as responding to a university offer, completing a simple customer satisfaction survey, or completing a more complex KYC form.
Complex forms made simple
Health declarations or forms with a tree structure such as KYC can be quite complex in the background, but for the user, it should be easy to fill in.
Quick answers
Some forms are just one quick question. These types of forms are presented in the letter right away. 

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