Finding a vacation trip and deciding what to book can be an overwhelming experience. But once it is booked customer happiness is high and the possibility to access the "second wallet" opens up.
I did ongoing desktop research containing competitor analysis, trends, and reading market research. Together with the product owner, we established empathy with the business by doing internal workshops to map out processes and discover the potential of the product. We established empathy with the customers through user testing, interviews, data analysis, and reports. We also did extensive trial and error with A/B testing. For example, after a few iterations, we increased the ancillary conversion rate by 400%. 
Shortlist what you like
We made it easy to save and organize hotels. This helps the users to plan a potential trip and makes it possible to involve the rest of the travel party in the process. 
Compare and decide
It can be hard to decide which hotel is the best. Therefore we made it easy to compare your favorite hotels and ultimately help to facilitate the decision on what to book.  
Log in
We created a login that makes it super simple to log in, educates what's behind and helps the users that have lost their password or simply don't know that they have an account. 
All about your trip
We wanted the logged-in experience for customers with a booking to be engaging, informative, and empowering. It should give you all the details you need, inspire you with the potential of your trip, and make it easy to make upgrades.

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