Steven's app makes it easy to determine who owes what to whom, but it can be tedious to manually input information about transactions into the app in order to share expenses with others.
To better understand how users were utilizing Steven's app and how it could be improved, we conducted interviews with a diverse group of Steven users. Through these interviews, we gathered insights into the challenges they faced, their needs and goals, and how the app could better support them. Based on this research, we created personas and user journeys to represent different types of users and their experiences with the app.
Our research revealed that some users were not fully utilizing the app because they either forgot to record expenses or found it too time-consuming to input all of their transactions.
In designing the card we iterated multiple card designs and messages that we advertised on Facebook. By inviting users to submit their interest in the concepts they liked, we were able to gather valuable insights into what users wanted and which market message was most appealing to them.
To ensure that all stakeholders were involved in the design process and that the final product met the needs of the users, I led a design thinking workshop with the team. We defined the problem we were trying to solve, brainstormed potential solutions, refined and enhanced our ideas, and discussed and prioritized the concepts that emerged. The outcome of this process served as the brief for the creative vision and product design.
During the design phase, I worked closely with marketing to ensure that the card was visually appealing and effectively communicated the message. We carefully considered all of the digital and physical spaces where the card would be displayed and tested it to ensure that it looked and performed well in all use cases. To ensure that the final artwork accurately reflected the colors shown on the screen in the app, we carefully managed the print production process and conducted thorough color checks.  
Ordering card
Steven Card is easily accessible through the app and can be ordered directly from it. A digital version of the card is available for immediate use, while a physical version is produced and shipped to the user via postal mail.
Card integrated into the app
The Steven Card is designed to be a fully integrated and seamless experience for users. All necessary settings can be easily managed directly within the app, providing users with a convenient and hassle-free way to use their card.
Share transaction from notification
One of the key benefits of the Steven Card is its real-time connection with the app, which makes expense sharing quick and effortless. By having access to their card and transaction information in real-time, users are able to easily track and manage their expenses and share them with others in a convenient and engaging way.

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