Creating an experience with minimal overhead and no editorial work, that at the same time delivers relevant rewards to users. Balancing these objectives within a framework designed to reduce operational complexity and foster an autonomous rewards ecosystem was a significant challenge.
Faced with tight timelines, our research phase was organised to be both swift and impactful. I conducted a focused review of market studies and performed a competitive analysis to grasp industry benchmarks, while also drawing on qualitative insights from MAJORITY's current solution. Our findings revealed two key insights: 
75% of customers are more likely to purchase from a brand that recognises them by name, recommends products based on past purchases, and can personalise their experience.
Automatically applied rewards are the top reason why global consumers would use loyalty programs more frequently. 
Collaborating with stakeholders, we created a vision to guide our direction forward. This vision served as a roadmap for the initiative, enabling us to strategically refine the design by focusing on features that could be implemented quickly. Through close collaboration with the development team, I supported in ensuring a seamless integration of the new features. 
Discover cashback
The design facilitates a vibrant marketplace, inviting users to explore and enjoy savings at restaurants, convenience stores, subscription services, top retailers, and more. Integrated with an open loyalty system, it offers users a wide range of discounts while MAJORITY eliminates loyalty program overhead.
When users choose an offer to redeem, we designed a feature that not only simplifies redemption according to the offer's specific requirements but also automatically applies cashback to their account upon completing the purchase.
Offers nearby
To enhance relevance in users' local areas, we designed a map-based feature that enables users to easily find and explore deals close to them. This pinpoints nearby offers which tailors the discovery process to meet users' preferences for a more personalised exploration experience.
The activity section presents a detailed view of statistics and a record of previous purchases. This gives users a transparent look at their activity and highlights the benefits they gain from the product. By presenting users with personalised metrics and accomplishments, we motivate further engagement.

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